Brčko Graphic Novel Week 5

Brčko Graphic Novel Week 5 pictures

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Graphic Novel Week 4

Graphic Novel Week 4 pictures

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New Year’s Party 2014

Every year at Svitac we like to hold Halloween and New Year’s parties for the youth we work with. Here are pictures from our New Year’s Party 2014!! Brčko is of course a multi-ethnic community, where three major faiths are present: Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity and Islam. So that leaves many different holidays to celebrate, and represents the beauty of the diversity in our community!

Also, check out this video of the music performed by our youth at the party:

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Brčko Graphic Novel Week 3

Here are more pictures from our Brčko Graphic Novel project week 3.

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Brčko Graphic Novel Week 2

Here is a gallery of pictures from the second week of our Brčko Graphic Novel project!

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Week 1 Brčko Graphic Novel Project

Here are photos from Week 1 of our Brčko Graphic Novel Project.

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Children’s Corner

We have been holding Children’s Corner workshops for kids in areas hit by devastating floods this past spring. The workshops consist typically of English, sports, games and creative arts learning activities. These workshops are held in collaboration with the Vermont Youth Centre at the Brčko district Youth centre, in Palanka and in Vidovice (a village near Orasje).


Our EVS international volunteers and their local paired Svitac volunteers have been going two or three times per week to the small villages of Vidovice and Palanka to work with big groups of children. The workshops last between two and three hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Two additional workshops take place in Brčko on Thursday and Friday as Fun Day/Creative workshops. Participants are between 7 and 15 years of age and divided into two groups according to their ages. It is very important for Svitac to be a part of this project, because it brings a lot of benefits to the children and gives them a chance to get away from their daily routine. Svitac’s role in this has been, together with facilitators from our partner Vermont Youth Centre, to animate children through informal programs and structured games, to teach them about different cultures and to foster their creative skills.


Children’s Corner – Orašje, Vidovice, Palanka

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More photos can be found in this gallery on our Facebook page

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EVS Symposium in Slovenia

Svitac representatives attended a European Voluntary Service (EVS) international symposium of competences for employability from 12th to 15th of May, 2014, in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Halloween in Brčko 2014!

Every year we organise a series of parties for the kids in Brčko. Here are pictures from our recent party, Halloween in Brčko 2014!

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Anti-Fascism Day

Anti-fascism Day 2014

We are Different – We are the Same

Once again this year we participated in and organised an Antifascism day on 4th November 2014. This year we held Anti-fascism day in Vidovice under the motto “We are different – we are the same”.

To start we explained to the kids what fascism and prejudices means. Then we played different games with them. The first game was about differences and similarities. Everyone sat in a circle and one kid in the middle. That kid had to take a sheet of paper out of a box. On these sheets were written different questions. If this question was true for the kids, they had to stand up to find a new seat. If not, they kept their existing seat.

In the Box were ten questions: five where every kid had to stand up (i.e. “Who has two ears?”) and five where only some kids had to find a new seat (i.e. “Do you like football?”). In this way the kids saw on which points we are different and on which we are similar.

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My Colour Path

Moj obojeni put (“My Colour Path”) is a short stop-animation film that takes the viewer on an abstract journey through the town of Brčko. Made up of over 1,500 photos, the film was created in 2012 by international volunteers and town locals who wanted the community to see Brčko with newness and imagination.

“… And together we went back into the whirlpool of life.”


Portrait Gallery Photos

A Million Borders

A Million Borders — or Milion granica — was a global art project Svitac took part in, which is based on taking portraits of persons and showing these portraits in their city.

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Ellie Maxwell Youth Centre

Thanks to our generous donors, in particular Firefly International, Svitac bought in 2010 a permanent home for its activities in Brčko. We really appreciate everyone’s fundraising. Since then we furnished the space and regularly use it for our on-going youth activities, as well as administration of our charitable activities.

Youth Centre Opening